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Ryan MacArthur is a LinkedIn Top Voice and one of the most reviewed resume writers on the platform. The courses available in The Canary Academy offer a blend of his decade of experience maintaining a 99% success rate for getting clients interviews.

Amitpal S.D.

Cybersecurity Executive

I highly recommend Ryan for his exceptional work on my resume and LI profile. Despite the challenges of the holiday season, he delivered outstanding results with personalized attention and repeated follow-ups, establishing a strong level of trust.

His dedication stand out, and I've already experienced positive outcomes in my professional endeavors. For top-notch resume and LinkedIn support, Ryan is an excellent choice

Linda T.

Account Director

Ryan was a huge help and support to me when I was preparing an updated resume as part of my new job search. He was a pleasure to work with and super professional and personable.

I would highly recommend investing in someone like Ryan if you are navigating the job market and to get started with your resume and some coaching. Thanks so much Ryan!

Edgar V.

Strategy & Business Operations

I've worked with Ryan twice now - he's a very talented and experienced writer, whether it's a resume, LI revamp, or a cover letter, Ryan has the special touch in clearly articulating responsibilities, value, and impact.

He also helped me prep for a couple of interviews that definitely elevated my storytelling. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone that's going through the job search process.

Paulina A.

Accounting Specialist

I found Ryan when I wanted change something in my professional situation. Everyone knows how stressing and frustrating that journey can be. Ryan since beginning was very approachable and engaged in our interaction.

He gave me so much valuable help and change my CV into truly masterpiece, after which I received lots of interest. He also coaches me on every step of my journey, helping with interview preparation. I gained a lot of confidence and know my worth thanks to his help. I can strongly say that reach Ryan was the best move to progress in my career.

Simba Q.

Project Manager

Ryan helped me with my CV, and unlike many other CV writers, he dug more into my personality side to make my CV much more unique and special. Since the AI is taking most of the writing nowadays, I find many CV are structured in a similar way and lack any impression of the person behind it. However, Ryan’s writing gives an authentic and genuine picture of my career achievements.

You can read between the lines that he has combined a person’s true personality and capabilities into a well organised and systematic formation to help the CV stand out from the crowd. Highly recommended!


Nate D.

IT Program Manager

Ryan was highly spoken of from a well respected friend of mine. My experience with Ryan can be summarized by the value I gained. Ryan helped with direct communication on what I can improve, but it did not stop there. I also learned everything I was doing right.

It was a reminder that we carry skills that we sometimes forget we have. Ryan helped guide and stood by to ensure I was on the path I set out to be on. He helped me grow and helped me shine which exceeds what I thought I was going to find.

Ryan is an incredible mentor/coach and a rare human. You don't find people like Ryan often.

Hi, I’m Ryan.

Ryan MacArthur stands at the forefront of career strategy and resume writing, renowned for his unique blend of creative prowess and strategic acumen. His expertise in crafting resumes has garnered a 99% success rate in securing interviews for clients, distinguishing him among senior executives at Fortune 100 companies. Ryan’s approach is not just about writing; it’s about strategically positioning professionals from diverse industries, including tech giants in Austin and Dublin to retail leaders in London and NYC.

What sets Ryan apart is not just his ability to articulate career journeys but the unique blend of precision and creativity he brings to each resume. His approach mirrors the intricacies of a well-crafted narrative, employing industry-specific terminology and insights from his network of recruiters and headhunters. This method ensures that every resume is not just a document but a compelling story of a professional’s journey, resonating with the right audience.

Armed with an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Scriptwriting, Ryan’s narrative skills transform mundane career histories into compelling professional sagas. The quality and professionalism imbued in each document are unmistakable and painstakingly crafted.

Ryan’s background in competitive sports, including cage fighting and semi-professional soccer, isn’t just a footnote. It’s the backbone of his disciplined approach and relentless pursuit of excellence for his clients. This competitive drive ensures that his clients don’t just land interviews; they clinch the job and the pay they deserve. After all, in the job market, as in sports, it’s not just about playing the game; it’s about winning it.

Ryan MacArthur isn’t just a resume writer or career coach; he’s the ace up the sleeve for people aiming high. If career advancement were a poker game, consider Ryan the royal flush of career strategy — hard to beat and always a safe bet.